[pytest-dev] Transfer of pyfakefs to pytest-dev - second try

Bruno Oliveira nicoddemus at gmail.com
Sat Oct 1 14:15:15 EDT 2022

+1 for me too btw.


On Sat, Oct 1, 2022 at 5:08 AM Sorin Sbarnea <sorin.sbarnea at gmail.com>

> +1 from me. I think we should show that pytest-dev is an open minded
> organisation. I remeber when I lead the move of testinfra into it, where we
> faced a similar dilemma, the fact that it was a little bit more than a
> pytest plugin. Still, it did work, well I say.
> To be honest, I reached a point where I do my best to avoid starting to
> use any new library, if that is not hosted under a non personal account —
> just because it is not cool to depend on a single point of failure, one
> that ages too.
> Cheers!
> Sorin Sbarnea
> On Sat, 1 Oct 2022 at 08:04, hansemrbean via pytest-dev <
> pytest-dev at python.org> wrote:
>> This is a followup to an earlier thread (
>> https://www.mail-archive.com/pytest-dev@python.org/msg02835.html) a year
>> and a half ago, where I asked if it would be possible to transfer pyfakefs (
>> https://github.com/jmcgeheeiv/pyfakefs) to pytest-dev. This was
>> eventually declined, mostly because pyfakefs is not a pure pytest plugin,
>> but also supports unittest and other test environments.
>> The maintainer of pyfakefs, John McGehee, has contacted me, and asked me
>> to take over, as he will not be able to maintain the package anymore. While
>> discussing this, we again came to the conclusion that moving the repository
>> to pytest-dev would make much sense. I asked Bruno Oliviera (who helped
>> with with the transfer of pytest-order) in a private discussion, and he
>> encouraged me to try again, so here I am...
>> I want to reiterate the reasons for the transfer I gave last time, and
>> maybe elaborate a bit more.
>> - ensure continued maintenance: I will be the only maintainer now, and
>> the move to an organization would make it possible to add other owners, and
>> will probably make it more likely to find another maintainer (given the
>> visibility and size of pytest-dev). There is also the bus factor, which I
>> cannot discard given that I'm not young.
>> - increase compatibility with pytest and pytest plugins,
>> - improve visibility of the package, especially for pytest developers:
>> pyfakefs was originally developed inside Google with the possibility to
>> mock some filesystem modules and later released on GitHub; John McGehee
>> added specific support for unittest in 2014, and another contributor added
>> pytest support in the form of the fs fixture a bit later (2015). Since then
>> the usage of pyfakefs has steadily drifted from unittest to pytest, as can
>> be seen by the usage in other repositories (I did some usage statistics for
>> dependent repos in GitHub) and by new issues, and the support for pytest
>> has been improved. I personally like pytest and see it as the superior
>> testing framework, so I'm also interested in improving the compatiblity of
>> pyfakefs with other pytest plugins - which will be easier if it is clearly
>> visible as part of the pytest environment.
>> - ideally, benefit from the larger community to get more code reviews and
>> issue reports: if think this is obvious.
>> Last time it had also been proposed to move to https://github.com/PyCQA
>> instead, but I really don't see a match here.
>> https://github.com/cogs-of-testing had also been mentioned, and while it
>> sounds like a good match, it has yet to be brought to life.
>> Let me know if there is anything I can do to make pyfakefs better
>> compatible with pytest-dev, or if you need more information.
>> Thanks in advance,
>> Andreas
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> Cheers,
> Sorin
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