[pytest-dev] Transfer of pyfakefs to pytest-dev - second try

hansemrbean hansemrbean at googlemail.com
Fri Sep 30 16:16:25 EDT 2022


This is a followup to an earlier thread 
(https://www.mail-archive.com/pytest-dev@python.org/msg02835.html) a 
year and a half ago, where I asked if it would be possible to transfer 
pyfakefs (https://github.com/jmcgeheeiv/pyfakefs) to pytest-dev. This 
was eventually declined, mostly because pyfakefs is not a pure pytest 
plugin, but also supports unittest and other test environments.

The maintainer of pyfakefs, John McGehee, has contacted me, and asked me 
to take over, as he will not be able to maintain the package anymore. 
While discussing this, we again came to the conclusion that moving the 
repository to pytest-dev would make much sense. I asked Bruno Oliviera 
(who helped with with the transfer of pytest-order) in a private 
conversation, and he encouraged me to try again, so here I am...

I want to re-iterate the goals for the transfer I gave last time, and 
maybe elaborate a bit more.

- ensure continued maintenance: I will be the only maintainer now, and 
the move to an organization would make it possible to add other owners, 
and will probably make it more likely to find another maintainer (given 
the visibility and size of pytest-dev). There is also the bus factor to 
consider, which I cannot discard given that I'm not young.

- increase compatibility with pytest and pytest plugins,

- improve visibility of the package, especially for pytest developers:

pyfakefs was originally developed inside Google with the possibility to 
mock some filesystem modules and later released on GitHub; John McGehee 
added specific support for unittest in 2014, and another contributor 
added pytest support in the form of the fs fixture a bit later (2015). 
Since then the usage of pyfakefs has steadily drifted from unittest 
to pytest, as can be seen by the usage in other repositories (I did some 
usage statistics for dependent repos in GitHub) and by new issues, and 
the support for pytest has been improved. I personally like pytest and 
see it as the superior testing framework, so I'm also interested in 
improving the compatiblity of pyfakefs with other pytest plugins - which 
will be easier if it is clearly visible as part of the pytest environment.

- benefit from the larger community to get more code reviews and issue 
reports: if think this one is obvious enough.

Last time it had also been proposed to move to https://github.com/PyCQA 
instead, but I really don't see a match here. 
https://github.com/cogs-of-testing had also been mentioned, and while it 
sounds like a good match, it has yet to be brought to life.

Let me know if there is anything I can do to make pyfakefs better 
compatible with pytest-dev, or if you need more information.

Thanks in advance,


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