[Python-3000-checkins] r54470 - python/branches/p3yk/Doc/Makefile

collin.winter python-3000-checkins at python.org
Wed Mar 21 03:14:14 CET 2007

Author: collin.winter
Date: Wed Mar 21 03:14:12 2007
New Revision: 54470

Use the local python binary to build the docs, not whatever 'python' is on the PATH (which is probably Python 2.x, and we need 3.x).

Modified: python/branches/p3yk/Doc/Makefile
--- python/branches/p3yk/Doc/Makefile	(original)
+++ python/branches/p3yk/Doc/Makefile	Wed Mar 21 03:14:12 2007
@@ -73,7 +73,7 @@
 # commontex/patchlevel.tex in their dependencies.
 RELEASE=$(shell $(PYTHON) tools/getversioninfo)
-PYTHON=	   python
+PYTHON=	   $(PWD)/../python
 DVIPS=	   dvips -N0 -t $(PAPER)
 # This is ugly!  The issue here is that there are two different levels

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