[Python-3000-checkins] r67529 - python/branches/py3k/Python/bltinmodule.c

georg.brandl python-3000-checkins at python.org
Thu Dec 4 19:28:38 CET 2008

Author: georg.brandl
Date: Thu Dec  4 19:28:38 2008
New Revision: 67529

#4513: remove traces of zip() docstring from when it was izip().


Modified: python/branches/py3k/Python/bltinmodule.c
--- python/branches/py3k/Python/bltinmodule.c	(original)
+++ python/branches/py3k/Python/bltinmodule.c	Thu Dec  4 19:28:38 2008
@@ -2178,9 +2178,7 @@
 Return a zip object whose .__next__() method returns a tuple where\n\
 the i-th element comes from the i-th iterable argument.  The .__next__()\n\
 method continues until the shortest iterable in the argument sequence\n\
-is exhausted and then it raises StopIteration.  Works like the zip()\n\
-function but consumes less memory by returning an iterator instead of\n\
-a list.");
+is exhausted and then it raises StopIteration.");
 PyTypeObject PyZip_Type = {
 	PyVarObject_HEAD_INIT(&PyType_Type, 0)

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