[Python-3000-checkins] r66828 - python/branches/py3k/setup.py

skip.montanaro python-3000-checkins at python.org
Tue Oct 7 04:51:48 CEST 2008

Author: skip.montanaro
Date: Tue Oct  7 04:51:48 2008
New Revision: 66828

merge from trunk


Modified: python/branches/py3k/setup.py
--- python/branches/py3k/setup.py	(original)
+++ python/branches/py3k/setup.py	Tue Oct  7 04:51:48 2008
@@ -319,12 +319,13 @@
         # the environment variable is not set even though the value were passed
         # into configure and stored in the Makefile (issue found on OS X 10.3).
         for env_var, arg_name, dir_list in (
+                ('LDFLAGS', '-R', self.compiler.runtime_library_dirs),
                 ('LDFLAGS', '-L', self.compiler.library_dirs),
                 ('CPPFLAGS', '-I', self.compiler.include_dirs)):
             env_val = sysconfig.get_config_var(env_var)
             if env_val:
                 # To prevent optparse from raising an exception about any
-                # options in env_val that is doesn't know about we strip out
+                # options in env_val that it doesn't know about we strip out
                 # all double dashes and any dashes followed by a character
                 # that is not for the option we are dealing with.

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