[Python-3000] Cross-interpreter FFI for Python 3000?

Paul Prescod paul.prescod at xmetal.com
Tue Aug 8 23:45:18 CEST 2006

> Just FYI, but if I understand correctly, PyPy is now using 
> the ctypes API for its FFI.  Also, RPython is entirely 
> unrelated to Pyrex.  RPython is Python with restrictions on 
> how it's used, and doesn't include an FFI of its own.

As you said elsewhere, PyPy can compile an Rpython+rctypes program to a
C file, just as Pyrex does. So I don't understand why you see them as
"entirely unrelated". There are different syntaxes, but the goals are
very similar. Pyrex uses optional type declarations (which are planned
for Python 3000). RPython infers types from rctypes API calls (which
will also be available in Python 3000). Perhaps it would be better if I
dropped the reference to Rpython and merely talked about "extcompiler"
there tool which is very parallel to the Pyrex compiler?

You make some good points about Pyrex and ctypes. I'd rather explore the
design space after I've heard whether this design direction has the
potential to be fruitful. I infer that you think "yes".

 Paul Prescod

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