[Python-3000] iostack and Oh Oh

Bill Janssen janssen at parc.com
Fri Dec 1 20:52:28 CET 2006

Paul Moore writes:
> There is no expectation that all/most (or even
> many!) libraries would be based on ABCs. Duck typing would remain the
> norm. Although I'm not clear what the value of all this is, if the
> resulting ABCs *don't* get used in real code.

I'm not sure what it means to base a library on ABCs.  You base types
on ABCs.

But I'd hope that more library implementors would shift to documenting
required interfaces for parameters where appropriate, rather than the
current practice of either (1) not specifying anything, and forcing a
caller to read the code, or (2) spotty and incomplete documentation of
required methods, forcing smart callers to read the code.  And lots of
library implementors don't know what methods are required if you need
a value to support the "[k]" operation.  I would hope that eventually,
for most widely used library packages, duck typing would *not* be the
norm, because I think it's a source of both fragility and FUD in the
Python world.

Btw, I share your desire not to turn Python into Java (ugh).


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