[Python-3000] how about switching to a preprocessor? (Re: A better way to initialize PyTypeObject)

Greg Ewing greg.ewing at canterbury.ac.nz
Wed Dec 6 00:38:21 CET 2006

Mike Klaas wrote:
> The "magic" (and I don't mean that derogatorily) I'm talking
> about is the Python <-> c type conversion and assumption that all
> undeclared variables are python objects.

It would be fairly easy to have a mode that worked
like that. Some new syntax would be needed to force
a conversion when you wanted one, though. Unless
you were willing to call the appropriate Python/C
API functions explicitly whenever you wanted a

> Ever consider opening up the project to other committers and becoming
> the BDFL of pyrex?

I'm starting to think more seriously about setting
up a repository for it somewhere, now that it's
no longer my foreground project. My main worry is
that if too many people hack on it simultaneously
I'll lose track of how it works -- it's hard
enough keeping all its intricacies in my head now
as it is. :-) So I'd probably want to review
patches and apply them myself, at least to begin

Does anyone have any recommendations for a site
to host the repository? I'd really like to avoid
SourceForge if possible, as it makes me cringe
every time I go there -- cluttered pages, slow
response, way too complicated UI.


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