[Python-3000] Types related to Syntax

Bill Janssen janssen at parc.com
Fri Dec 8 19:35:17 CET 2006


> I'm wonder how many places in pythons syntax requires or produces specific 
> types. And if listing and organizing these commonly used "syntactically 
> necessary" types would be useful to determine the minimum list of ABC's. (More 
> can always be added later.)

I think a lot of the syntactic niceties have been developed to support
various usage patterns, but not every usage pattern has been
special-cased with syntax, because some are already supported by the
basic language structures.  But I agree that looking at the types
which define special methods which are mapped to "operators" is a good
idea.  I just don't see any assurance that it would produce the complete

> The approach suggested above, takes a much narrower view and would start by what 
> is only currently necessary by the language's current syntax.  These are places 
> where you may possibly need to test for type-ness.

To support operators.  But there are other reasons to test for type-ness.


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