[Python-3000] Python-3000 Digest, Vol 10, Issue 22

Michel Pelletier michel at dialnetwork.com
Sat Dec 9 22:44:15 CET 2006

> > class C(B1, B2, metaclass=Foo):


> >> This would allow the metaclass to intercept individual variable
> >> assignments as they occur, rather than taking the whole dict in at once.


> > How can we design this feature without yet another gigantic
> > contentious thread? I'm losing my appetite for those. 

We have had many of these discussions already.  Interfaces and ABCs were
discussed in 1998, although I wasn't there to take part in it, but I did
do the research on those threads in 2000-2001 and much more discussion
ensued then, on ABCs, interfaces, type declarations and all kinds of
stuff (sound familiar?).  

Forget what my opinion was then or is now because I largely have myself,
but there were ideas and voices in those discussions who I don't see in
the current discussion now.  I am concerned that the important input
from these people will be either forgotten or reinvented.

Please I am not trying to start a flame or pointing fingers directly at
anyone, obviously discussion along these lines is good, I just think
there would be less noise and more signal if whomever was spearheading
the next generation of PEPs on this subject dug back into the archives
and understood the discussions that have taken place.


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