[Python-3000] The p3yk branch

Giovanni Bajo rasky at develer.com
Wed Dec 13 11:25:06 CET 2006

Thomas Wouters wrote:

> Merging with svnmerge has a big consequence: changes that are applied to 
> both the trunk and the p3yk branch are hell. 

You do know you can use svnmerge merge --record-only, cherry-picking the 
changes that have been applied on both branches, and then use a single 
svnmerge merge for everything else?

You can't win when there are hidden dependencies of course (in my experience, 
the only way to avoid them is to merge VERY often, but "often" varies on the 
amount of traffic, and I have no clue how much traffic is being doing on 
python SVN).

 > So, please, if you have such a change, please only check it in
> on the trunk, and have someone merge it using svnmerge. 

This policy is a very good thing IMO, but as I said above I don't think it's 
really critical.

 > but I don't mind if someone else wants to step up and learn the
 > intense pain that is repeated merging in Subversion.

I can try and provide some help with that, but I'm not sure if it qualifies 
for "stepping up". I guess we could start with some IM sessions during the 
merges. Contact me in private for details, if you think my help can be useful.
Giovanni Bajo

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