[Python-3000] PEP 3100 Comments

Talin talin at acm.org
Sun May 7 07:42:40 CEST 2006

I want to say that I agree with everything in PEP 3100 except for two things:

1) Getting rid of 'callable'.

The reccomended replacement is "just call the object and catch the resulting
exception", but I can think of a lot of situations where that wouldn't be
appropriate. For example, what if you want to know if something is
callable, but you don't want to call it just yet?

What if you intend on calling something 1000 times, and you'd like to
know if its callable once, instead of catching the exception 1000 times?

2) I think that 'print' should stay a statement; If you want to add a functional
equivalent, that's fine, but the simplicity of the current statement is a win.
(Plus I like not having to type the parens; the less delimiters, the more
readable the code IMHO.)

-- Talin

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