[Python-3000] Alternatives to 'outer'

Talin talin at acm.org
Fri Oct 13 07:23:23 CEST 2006

In reference to the discussion of assignment to variables in outer 
scopes: I get the sense that there are a substantial number of folks who 
  are in agreement on the basic semantics, and the only sticking point 
is exactly what keyword to pick.

(I should mention that I'm still off to the side in the 'point of 
definition' camp, but I'm always happy to help out with things even if I 
don't agree with them :)

So let me spit out some possible suggestions in terms of keywords:


Rationale: 'ref' / 'use' / 'using' in the sense we're not declaring a 
variable, but simply referring to one.

'share' / 'sharing' / 'common' - I'm thinking of the word 'share' in the 
dictionary sense of common ownership, or a 'nonrival good'.)

(BTW, Guido, who I talked to at BayPiggies tonight, tells me that 
'share' meant the same as 'global' in ABC.)

To get a sense of how 'refer' might look in context:

   def myfunc():
     x = 10
     def inner():
        refer x
        x = 20

-- Talin

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