[Python-3000] Help on text editors

David Hopwood david.nospam.hopwood at blueyonder.co.uk
Fri Sep 8 04:12:27 CEST 2006

David Hopwood wrote:
> Paul Prescod wrote:
>>Guido has asked me to do some research in aid of a file encoding
>>detection/defaulting PEP.
>>I only have access to a small number of operating systems and language
>>variants so I need help.
>>If you have access to "German Windows XP", "Japanese Windows XP",
> Since Win2K there is actually no such thing, from a technical point of view --
> just Win2K or WinXP with a German or Japanese "language group" installed,

This is right...

> and a corresponding locale selected as the interface locale for a given user account.

Correction: the "System Locale" is what determines the ANSI and OEM codepages,
and this is *not* dependent on the user account. Changing it requires a reboot,
so you can assume that it stays constant for the lifetime of a Python process.

> The links below should make this clearer.

I obviously should have read them more thoroughly myself! :-(

> See <http://www.microsoft.com/globaldev/DrIntl/faqs/Locales.mspx>,
> <http://www.microsoft.com/globaldev/reference/WinCP.mspx>, and
> <http://www.microsoft.com/globaldev/reference/win2k/setup/localsupport.mspx>.

David Hopwood <david.nospam.hopwood at blueyonder.co.uk>

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