[Python-3000] educational aspects of Python 3000

Toby Donaldson tjd at sfu.ca
Sun Sep 10 21:46:46 CEST 2006


There's been an explosion of discussion on the EDU-SIG list recently
about the removal of raw_input and input from Python 3000.

For teaching purposes, many educators report that they like raw_input
(and input). The basic argument is that, for beginners, code like

     name = raw_input('Morbo demands your name! ')

is clearer and easier than using sys.stdin.readline().

Some fear that a big mistake is being made here. Others just fear
getting bogged down in EDU-SIG discussions. :-)

Any suggestions for how educators interested in the
educational/learning aspects of Python 3000 could more fruitfully

For instance, would there be interest in the inclusion of a standard
educational library, a la the Java ACM library

Dr. Toby Donaldson
School of Computing Science
Simon Fraser University (Surrey)

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