[Python-3000] Help on text editors

Jeff Wilcox jeff at soft.fujitsu.com
Mon Sep 11 06:54:03 CEST 2006

> Great: but what is the default Textedit encoding on a Japanized version of
the Mac?
>  Paul Prescod

I'm fairly sure that the settings on the computer I looked at this on are
default, but I borrowed the machine so I can't guarantee it.
In textpad with OS X set to Japanese there were three choices of encoding:
EUC-JP, ISO-2022-JP and Shift_JIS.  The dropdown defaulted to Shift_JIS.

The (reversible) procedure that I used to change the language back and forth

System Preferences > International > Language
Drag the language you wish to use to the top of the list. Log out, then back
in again and it should be in the language you chose.
If only one language is listed, then the language pack(s) are most likely
not installed. They can be installed from the original OS X install CD/DVD.

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