[Python-3000] Kill GIL?

Andre Meyer meyer at acm.org
Sun Sep 17 14:28:08 CEST 2006

Dear Python experts

As a heavy user of multi-threading in Python and following the current
discussions about Python on multi-processor systems on the python-list I
wonder what the plans are for improving MP performance in Py3k. MP systems
become more and more common as most modern processors have multiple
processing units that could be used in parallel by distributing threads.
Unfortunately, the GIL in CPython prevents to use this mechanism. As far as
I understand IronPython, Jython and PyPy do not suffer from this.

While I understand the difficulties in removing the GIL and the potential
negative effect on single-threaded applications I would very much encourage
discussion to seriously consider removing the GIL (maybe optionally) in
Py3k. If not, what alternatives would you suggest?

thanks a lot for your thoughts
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