[Python-3000] Kill GIL? - to PEP 3099?

Michel Pelletier michel at dialnetwork.com
Fri Sep 22 04:22:55 CEST 2006

> Fredrik Lundh wrote:
>  > no need to wait for Guido for this: adding library support for shared-
>  > memory dictionaries/lists is a no-brainer.  if you have experience in
>  > this field, start hacking.  I'll take care of the rest ;-)
> and you don't need to wait for Python 3000 either, of course -- if done 
> right, this would certainly fit into some future 2.X release.

Here's a straight wrapper around the OSSP mm shared memory library:

I've only minimally tested it on AMD64 linux.  It exposes mm shared
memory regions as buffers and only wraps the "Standard" mm API.  Hacking
the Python memory system to put objects in shared memory is too deep for
me.  Included is a test that uses cPickle to share object state between
forked processes.  It needs a lot more testing and tweaking but it works
as a proof of concept.


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