[Python-3000] Generic function PEP won't make it in time

Bill Janssen janssen at parc.com
Wed Apr 25 01:30:37 CEST 2007

Just to chime in...

My preference would be to have "abstract" just mark classes that
define an API, that define the "abstraction" of that particular
interface.  Not carry over meanings from Java and C++ that "abstract"
somehow always means "partial" or "incomplete".  I'd envision having
"abstract" classes that are in fact also useful and complete
implementations.  "Abstract" methods don't really make sense (to me)
in Python.  This sounds very close to what Guido has already.

Maybe "abstraction" is a better keyword than "abstract".

Maybe it makes sense to have "abstraction" classes, and an
"@ignorethismethod" decorator to mark methods that are *not* part of
the abstraction, instead of "@abstractmethod" decorators to mark the
methods that *are* part of the abstraction.


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