[Python-3000] PEPs 3xxx status

Talin talin at acm.org
Sat Feb 17 06:39:01 CET 2007

Eduardo "EdCrypt" O. Padoan wrote:
> All the 3xxx PEPs except 3100 and the "meta" ones are marked  a draft.
> While I understand that many has some open issues, even the
> implemented ones (3102, 3105, 3106, 3107, 3110) still run the risk of
> being withdrawn?

I don't know about the others, however I want to speak to the issue of 
3101 and 3102, since I wrote them - the main reason that those PEPs 
haven't been accepted is that there's no sample implementation to 
evaluate. (At least, I'm not aware of any implementation of them, unless 
someone did it while I wasn't looking :)

As I stated early on in this process, I don't really enjoy working on 
the innards of Python as much as I enjoy working *in* Python - and Guido 
seemed to find this acceptable when I asked him about it. In addition, 
I've been very busy lately, as my absence from this list illustrates.

I have written a Python implementation of 3101 that can be used as a 
model, but the actual implementation needs to be in C, since it's 
anticipated that it will be a built-in function. Some of the number 
formatting operations are best done in C anyway.

Several people have put forward tentative offers to implement these two 
PEPs, however there's been no follow up that I know of.

I should also note that these PEPs should really be targeted at the 2.x 
series, since there's nothing fundamentally "3000-ish" about them, so 
the 31xx numbering is kind of a misnomer. There's no backwards 
compatibility impact in either case.

-- Talin

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