[Python-3000] Thoughts on new I/O library and bytecode

Greg Ewing greg.ewing at canterbury.ac.nz
Mon Feb 26 04:19:47 CET 2007

Neil Schemenauer wrote:

> Practicality beats purity here, I think.  For example, if I'm
> debugging a network protocol, I'd prefer
>     b"EHLO ...\x0d\x0a"

But what if I'm *not* debugging a network protocol,
and my bytes objects all look like random gibberish
when displayed as characters?

To put it another way: If bytes objects are displayed
in hex by default (see previous post), I can easily get
them displayed as characters if that's what I want using
str(b, suitable_encoding).

But if they're displayed as characters by default,
what do I do to get them displayed as not-characters?


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