[Python-3000] [Python-Dev] PEP 30XZ: Simplified Parsing

Steven Bethard steven.bethard at gmail.com
Wed May 2 20:45:38 CEST 2007

On 5/2/07, Brian Harring <ferringb at gmail.com> wrote:
> Personally, I'm -1 on nuking implicit string concatenation; the
> examples provided for the 'why' aren't that strong in my experience,
> and the forced shift to concattenation is rather annoying when you're
> dealing with code limits (80 char limit for example)-
>                         dprint("depends level cycle: %s: "
>                                "dropping cycle for %s from %s" %
>                                 (cur_frame.atom, datom,
>                                  cur_frame.current_pkg),
>                                 "cycle")

FWLIW, I pretty much always write this as::

    msg = "depends level cycle: %s: dropping cycle for %s from %s"
    tup = cur_frame.atom, datom, cur_frame.current_pkg, "cycle"
    dprint(msg % tup)

But yes, occasionally I run into problems when the string still
doesn't fit on a single line. (Of course, I usually solve that by
shortening the string...) ;-)

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