[Python-3000] Dealing with timestamp issues for rebuiling AST using Parser/asdl_c.py

Brett Cannon brett at python.org
Sun May 6 23:50:09 CEST 2007

I am sending this email to make sure people are aware of a possible build
problem they might come up against that is unique to Python 3.0 and how to
deal with it.

I decided to do a ``make distclean`` and rebuild my p3yk checkout.  But I
came across the error of::

  File "./Parser/asdl_c.py", line 744
    print(auto_gen_msg, file=f)

Oops.  Turns out the Makefile executes 'python' which is 2.4.3 on my
machine; joys of bootstrapping the build process with Python.  After
touching Include/Python-ast.h and Parser/Python-ast.h I got p3yk to build.
But to make sure I had the newest auto-generated files I touched
Parser/asdl.py and got the same error.  Oops again.

So, I took my clean build of Py3K in my checkout and basically did what the
Makefile wanted to do, just with the proper Python version::

  ./python.exe Parser/asdl_c.py -h Include Parser/Python.asdl
  ./python.exe Parser/asdl_c.py -c Python Parser/Python.asdl

This all came about because I am reviewing Tony Lownds' patch for PEP 3113
which touches both the grammar and the AST.  I had to run the above
statements in the separate checkout I have for this patch using my pristine
copy of the p3yk branch.  Then, after a ``make clean`` the thing built

Hopefully this won't be a problem with source distributions of Python or
else there might be a flurry of emails and such about this error when people
really start trying to use Python 3.0.

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