[Python-3000] PEPs update

Guido van Rossum guido at python.org
Fri May 11 01:00:00 CEST 2007

I've accepted some PEPs:

 SA 3120  Using UTF-8 as the default source encoding   von Löwis
 SA 3121  Extension Module Initialization & Finalization  von Löwis
 SA 3123  Making PyObject_HEAD conform to standard C   von Löwis
 SA 3127  Integer Literal Support and Syntax           Maupin
 SA 3129  Class Decorators                             Winter

(3129 is listed for completeness, I think it was already approved a
few days ago.)

and rejected some others:

 SR 3125  Remove Backslash Continuation                Jewett
 SR 3126  Remove Implicit String Concatenation         Jewett
 SR 3130  Access to Current Module/Class/Function      Jewett

I'm looking forward to seeing these implemented in the p3yk branch
(and a few others that have been accepted for a while now, e.g. 3109,
3110, 3113).

Other status updates:

3101 (string formatting) -- Talin will continue to shepherd this in
cooperation with the authors of the sandbox implementation.

3116 (new I/O) -- I'm slowly chipping away at implementing this. The
PEP is behind in tracking the actual implementation.

3119, 3124, 3141 (ABCs, GFs) -- I'm still thinking about this; 3119
and 3141 are still awaiting major rewrites and 3124 is under heavy

3118 (buffer protocol) -- This is long, but I trust Travis. Maybe he
should just submit an implementation (hint, hint).

3128 (BList) -- I'll leave this for Raymond Hettinger to review.

3131 (non-ASCII identifiers) -- I'm leaning towards rejecting.

3132 (extended iterable unpacking) -- I'm leaning towards accepting.

I'm still hoping Raymond will check his draft PEPs in by Sunday night.

--Guido van Rossum (home page: http://www.python.org/~guido/)

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