[Python-3000] Support for PEP 3131

Ron Adam rrr at ronadam.com
Sun May 13 17:04:35 CEST 2007

Jason Orendorff wrote:

> I think the gesture alone is worth it, even if no one ever used the
> feature productively.  But people will.  The cost to python-dev is low,
> and the cost to English-speaking users is very likely zero.
> What am I missing?

I don't think you're missing anything.

I think you are correct, the perceived impact is greater than the actual. 
The reason we don't run into python written in other languages more often 
is because most people have a language preference set when they do internet 
searches.  Not that all programs are written using only English.

As more people use python it becomes less (not more) of a need to read and 
understand *everyone* else's programs as there is most likely already what 
you need, or something close to it, in your own language.

I believe the walls are not solid or one way.  Good programs written in 
other languages most likely get translated to English at some point if they 
are freely distributed.


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