[Python-3000] Support for PEP 3131

Pierre Hanser hanser at club-internet.fr
Sun May 13 21:01:35 CEST 2007

some personnal thoughts on the subject, pro, of course:

1) it's a matter of justice:

everybody should have the right to name his variables
with the exact name he prefers.

2) it's a matter of equity:

why would only english speakers able to write programs?
(and even english uses accents in numerous words: café, ...)

3) it's a matter of freedom, finally dropping old imperialism

I would say this PEP has something to do with freeing
the world from imperialism! you will have to be very
convincing to refuse the pep without spreading a
disgracious feeling of wanting to spread english
more than needed (i know that many people on this list
are not english nor US citizens, but that's not enough
to avoid this feeling...)

4) it does not suppress anything to anybody:

the risk is to have more programs available, even if you
can't fully read them. No need to come with a proof of
utility: you dislike => don't use it, but don't prevent
others to use it.

5) rules for official library may be stricter

Everybody is mature enough to know the audience of his
programs: personnal => may use native language, public
=> should use english, it seems.

in fact I'm even not against inclusion of not english
libraries in the standard lib, but if this is the way
to have the pep, i would accept restrictions.

may be a lexicon at the beginning of each library written
in a foreign language would be enough

6) it gives access to litterary programming

I try to avoid the expression 'litterate programming'
because I know the traditionnal connotation, but my
english is not good enough to find a good title. So,
let me describe:

one of the biggest advantages I see
is the ability to write well written programming
expressions. French without accents is not really
french and looks always poor to demanding people.

joy of programming comes with the beauty of well
written algorithms, written in good language.
And your language is always a bit better than any
other, if you can write it in it's full glory.

7) most other considerations do not matter

font: probably you can find fonts for most languages (?)

difficulty of writing: this get's better from day to day


8) the programmer, He in the previous lines, may be of course
male or female...

my 8 cents for this evening

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