[Python-3000] PEP 3131 - the details

James Y Knight foom at fuhm.net
Thu May 17 19:13:57 CEST 2007

On May 17, 2007, at 5:10 AM, Martin v. Löwis wrote:
>> This list is available as part of the PropList.txt file in the
>> unicode data, which ought to be included automatically in python's
>> unicode database so as to get future changes.
> This I'm not so sure about. I changed the PEP to say that
> Other_ID_{Start|Continue} should be included. Whether the other
> properties should be added to the unidata module, I don't know -
> I would like to see use cases first before including them.

I only meant that the python's idea of Other_ID_* should be  
automatically generated from the unicode data file, so that when  
someone upgrades python's database to Unicode 5.1 (or whatever), they  
don't forget to update a manually copied Other_ID_* list as well.

>> I do not believe it is a good idea for python to define its own
>> identifier rules. The rules defined in UAX31 make sense and should be
>> used directly, with only the minor amendment of _ as an allowable
>> start character.
> That was my plan indeed.

I was voicing my support for your plan, in contrast to Talin's  
comment that perhaps a more conservative subset would be good.


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