[Python-3000] Support for PEP 3131

Baptiste Carvello baptiste13 at altern.org
Sat May 26 00:14:51 CEST 2007

Guillaume Proux a écrit :
> I think Martin's and my point is that to get people to level E) there
> is no reason to put any charset restriction on level A ->D. And when
> you are at level E), it is difficult to argue that making a one-time
> test at source code checkin time is a bad practice.
you seem to believe that all useful open source code in the world is written as
part of a well organised project that makes use of all known good practices.
This is simply not true. In my field (research in physics), open source code
sometimes means somebody's in-house tool that he put on the internet at the end
of his PhD. This means no support, little documentation, and definitely no
"tests at source code checkin time". Still, it can be the best tool in its
specialized field. And I want to be able to debug it if needed.

just my 2 cents,

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