[Python-3000] need help fixing broken tests in py3k-pep3137 branch

Bill Janssen janssen at parc.com
Mon Nov 5 18:43:58 CET 2007

> > > 3. the ABC corresponding to buffer-API objects: MemoryBlock
> >
> > What do you think about RawData, RawBlock, RawView or RawSequence? From
> > my point of view a PyBuffer allows me to access the raw data of a
> > PyString or PyBytes.
> "Raw" has lots of different connotations (e.g. raw_input() in 2.x). I
> like "Memory" best since it indicates directly that it's connected to
> the computer's (primary) memory.

How about ByteBlock?  I like the "Block" part.

Two points:  Every other type of data structure is connected to the the
"memory" in the same way, strings no less than buffers.  And it (and all
the other data types) are not really connected to the computer's
primary memory these days; virtual at best.  It's the bytes which are
the interesting piece of info here; they should be in the name.


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