[Python-3000] Compiling Python 3.0 with VS 2008 Beta2

Joe Smith unknown_kev_cat at hotmail.com
Sat Nov 17 02:59:38 CET 2007

"Christian Heimes" <lists at cheimes.de> wrote in message 
news:fhim2r$4lq$1 at ger.gmane.org...
> Today an user named weck has submitted three patches for VS 2005 support
> [0]. In one of the replies Martin said that he likes to use the upcoming
> VS2008 as new default compiler.
> I've downloaded the Beta 2 of VS 2008 from [1] and played with it a bit.
> It comes with most tools required to build Python except of ml.exe
> (Microsoft ASM) but I found [2]. Although it looks a bit old it does its
> job for OpenSSL.

While ml.exe is intentionally omitted for the express version of Visual C++, 
the standard versions of Visual Studio are supposed to include ml.exe.
The VS 2008 beta 2 version omitted it by mistake. At the moment there is no 
convenient way to get the latest version. This should be fixed for the final 

(Obviously the older versions still work.) 

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