[Python-3000] Compiling Python 3.0 with VS 2008 Beta2

"Martin v. Löwis" martin at v.loewis.de
Sat Nov 17 10:00:02 CET 2007

> What combinations of configuration and platform do we need? The migrated
> solution has Release, Debug, ReleaseAMD64 and ReleaseItanium as
> configurations and Win32 as platform. The platform X64 isn't listed but
> I could add it.
> Do we need a ReleaseAMD64 when we could use the platform X64?

The "platform" feature didn't exist in VS 2003 (atleast you couldn't
define new platforms), hence those projects made new configurations.

In the future, I think we should have only Release and Debug
configurations, and x86 and x64 platforms, and these in all four

> I'm not familiar with all settings of VS. While I can make sense of most
> settings I don't understand why some projects are setting a base address
> in the linker settings.

See PC/dllbase_nt.txt. This should be revised to match the current set
of modules, plus it should be updated for AMD64, as some DLLs become
larger on AMD64, so that they need more address space than dllbase_nt
allows for them.


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