[Python-3000] Python 3.0a2 release

Christian Heimes lists at cheimes.de
Thu Nov 22 05:39:22 CET 2007

Gregory P. Smith wrote:
> I would not hold up a compiler decision based on the mingw project.  Always
> use the latest MS compiler released at the time for a x.0 build of any
> python.  Doing otherwise costs the world a fortune in lost performance
> (higher power consumption via lower efficiency code).  mingw will
> undoubtedly catch up on its own.

That raises another question. Should the official releases use PGO
(profile guided optimization) and how should the profiles be created?

PGO is an optimization system which works in two steps. At first a PGO
instrument build is compiled. The instrument build is linked against an
additional library. Next one or several typical applications are run to
gather profiling information. Finally the project is compiled against
using the profiles to optimize the new build.


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