[Python-3000] pyvm module - low level interface to Python's VM

Christian Heimes lists at cheimes.de
Thu Nov 29 20:21:50 CET 2007

James Y Knight wrote:
> I'd like to quote some of a thread I started in Aug 2004, subject  
> "Classes that claim to be defined in __builtin__ but aren't". I  
> haven't rerun the script that generated this list (I have to find it  
> again, first, or rewrite it...), but assuming these types are still  
> lying about their location, most seem likely candidates for putting in  
> a pyvm module.

Thanks for the list! It's going to help me very much.

> It might also be a nice idea to require types to have an explicit  
> module defined (that is: require tp_name to have a '.' in it) so that  
> types can't accidently claim to be defined in the __builtin__ module.

I don't think that it's important. Most of the types can't be
instantiated in Python code because they are hard wired to
implementation details in C code. A valid dotted name is only required
when the types are pickle-able and can be instantiated in Python code.


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