[Python-3000] [Python-Dev] Rounding Decimals

Raymond Hettinger python at rcn.com
Mon Jan 7 10:36:41 CET 2008

[Jeffrey Yasskin]
> I always like to have a patch around because abstract discussions,
> even (especially?) on simple topics, have a tendency to run off into
> the weeds. A patch keeps things focused and moving forward.

Please recognize that our little system of patches and newsgroup
discussions is easily overwhelmed by someone who is so prolific.
Your work will not receive quality review and discussion if the
volume blows beyond the bandwidth of the other participants.

>> The sentiment is unchanged -- please do not build-out the API for the
>> decimal module.  It is intended to be minimal and needs to stay that
>> way.  Further additions will only make it harder to use, harder to
>> maintain, and will complicate efforts to rewrite the module in C.
> I am not building out the decimal API. I am adding enough methods to
> maintain the comment that "Decimal floating point objects share many
> properties with the other builtin numeric types such as float and int.
> All of the usual math operations and special methods apply." in both
> 2.6 and 3.0. After that's done, I am interested in talking about
> adding one method that 3 people on this list have been interested in.
> I understand that you need to be vigilant against extraneous methods,
> but I'm really not just adding these on a whim.

Arghh!  You seem hell-bent on jamming this in.  Please leave the
decimal module alone.  It does *not* need both a round() method
and a quantize() method.

I read Glyph's note and agree that it wasn't obvious how to round
with the existing API.  That is a documentation problem, not a call
to add duplicate methods.

When one of the module authors asks you to refrain for expanding
the API, please pay special attention.  In this case, you are working
directly against a core philosophy for the design and maintenance
of the module.

I admire your enthusiasm, but please hold it in check.


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