[Python-3000] Useless methods in Queue module

skip at pobox.com skip at pobox.com
Tue Jan 15 04:42:27 CET 2008

    Mike> The real concern is that qsize() > 0 doesn't guarantee that a
    Mike> subsequent .get() will not block, nor that qsize() < maxsize
    Mike> guarantee that .put() will not block.  Incidentally, I find this
    Mike> warning much less confusion than the vague "Because of
    Mike> multithreading semantics, this number is not reliable."  in the
    Mike> docs.

I checked in similar change to the trunk version of queue.rst for all three
methods.  The qsize() description almost completely matches your text above.
The other two are a bit more cumbersome, but I didn't worry too much about
that since a future merge to the 3.0 branch will delete them anyway.

Thanks for the suggestion.


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