[Python-3000] Set literal

Christian Heimes lists at cheimes.de
Fri Jan 25 11:02:19 CET 2008

Mark Summerfield wrote:
> Python 3 is going to break compatibility anyway. I thought one of the
> purposes of having a new major release was to allow for such changes.

Please stop the discussion! Guido already voted against it. I assume
most of the remaining core developers agree with me that three character
literals suck.

Guido seems to be under lots of tension lately. Please don't make him
more cranky and peevish. Orlijn needs his father and we need him as our
beloved and benevolent dictator.


PS: {:} is hard to type on a German keyboard, too. It's press [alt gr],
press 7, release [alt gr], press [shift], press ., release [shift],
press [alt gr], press 0, release [alt gr].

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