[Python-3000] PEPs

Antoine Pitrou solipsis at pitrou.net
Mon Jul 21 12:10:59 CEST 2008


Georg Brandl <g.brandl <at> gmx.net> writes:
> * 3134 -- exception chaining

There are few things to correct/clean up:

(1) The "C API" paragraph contains incorrect information:
  - the sentence "The PyErr_Set* calls for setting exceptions will not set the
'__context__' attribute on exceptions" is wrong. The __context__ attribute is
actually set in PyErr_SetObject.
  - the sentence "PyErr_NormalizeException will always set the 'traceback'
attribute to its 'tb' argument and the '__context__' and '__cause__' attributes
to None" is wrong. The __context__ and __cause__ attributes are set to NULL in
  - there are no functions PyErr_SetContext/PyErr_SetCause, but

(2) "Open Issue: yield" has been fixed with the lexical exception handlers patch
(see test case:

(3) "Open Issue: Garbage Collection" has been resolved as part of PEP 3110 (see
"semantic changes" in the latter)

(4) "Open Issue: Limiting Exception Types" has been solved since exception types
must all derive from BaseException



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