[Python-3000] from .foo import *

"Martin v. Löwis" martin at v.loewis.de
Tue Mar 18 16:23:41 CET 2008

When I do a relative star import, I current get

SyntaxError: 'import *' not allowed with 'from .'

What's the reason for this restriction?

Is it ok to remove it?

I encountered the issue while porting Django. In
django/newforms/__init__.py, they do

from widgets import *
from fields import *
from forms import *
from models import *

In 3k, that needs to change to

from .widgets import *
from .fields import *
from .forms import *
from .models import *

but that still won't work because of the syntax
error. One solution would be to make the import
explicit, but that is tedious and unmaintainable.
E.g. for the widgets line, it would be

from .widgets import (Widget, TextInput, PasswordInput,
     HiddenInput, MultipleHiddenInput,
     FileInput, DateTimeInput, Textarea, CheckboxInput,
     Select, NullBooleanSelect, SelectMultiple, RadioSelect,
     CheckboxSelectMultiple, MultiWidget, SplitDateTimeWidget)


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