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Aisha Bello aishabello2050 at gmail.com
Sun Apr 10 17:30:51 EDT 2016

Hello Pythonistas,

It's been really quiet here and I have searched high and low all over my
mail box for Python-Africa digests. Where are the pythonistas in Africa :(

Okay I have news but not that many. Hopefully this will prompt most of you
to share any Python related news happening in our various communities.

So reporting all the way from Nigeria is the launch of PyLadies Nigeria on
Saturday the 16th. PyLadies Nigeria was born out of the necessity to give
an avenue for learning continuity for DjangoGirls Lagos attendees who
wanted to continue learning together. Amongst other things we plan to have
regular meetups at least twice a month where we all collaborate and learn
together various python related topics including Robotics, Data Science,
web development e.t.c..... ref: http://www.meetup.com/pyladiesnigeria/

Another amazing news is DjangoGirls Harare happened on Saturday the 9th and
it was Awesome *I wasn't there physically but virtually though* Am sure
when Ana and Humphery (the Organizers) are well rested they would tell us
more about how it went.

On PyCon ZA, I am super excited that the CFP is finally out and I am hoping
we at least have 50% of other Python communities in different parts of
Africa represented at PyConZA.....

Wishing everyone a great week ahead.......

Aisha Bello
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