[Python-africa] Reahl 3.2 Re: Django Girls FUTA(Akure)

Aisha Bello aishabello2050 at gmail.com
Thu Jun 16 07:34:39 EDT 2016

Thanks Iwan for sharing. On a personal note I have just been schooled and
it's refreshing to see the value Reahl brings to Python developers in
comparison to other web frameworks. Kudos to you and your team for the work
done so far and more grease to your elbows for future works to come with
A +1 and really looking forward to see more open source software developed
and exported by Africans.

Hola Mercy thanks for this amazing account about the FUTA DjangoGirls
workshop. I can still remember and feel the excitement from the day and a
big thank you to everyone who made it possible directly and indirectly and
to you and your team for doing a great job at organizing. We are all so
proud of you and what you've been able to accomplish.

In conclusion, it's nice to get a lot of traction on the mailing list. To
all Pythonistas in Africa please share what's happening in your community
or personal python projects; so we all learn and  keep the conversation
going; Just like many of us have learned about Reahl and some of the
differences with Django.

With Pythonic Regards,
Aisha Bello
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