[Python-africa] PyConZA

Iwan Vosloo iwan at reahl.org
Sun Oct 9 11:15:08 EDT 2016

Hi all,

I am just about heading home from attending PyConZA 2016 in Cape Town.

PyConZA grew to over 380 attendees this year and there were quite a 
number of attendees and speakers from other African countries. I also 
understand from the organisers that, for the first time in the history 
of PyConZA, they had the budget to institute a structured effort to 
supply financial aid. More than ZAR60k was spent to help 11 people from 
Namibia, South Africa itself, Tanzania, Uganda and Zimbabwe to get here.

I see the videos of talks are already starting to appear on 
https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCu-El65PtQm46aSbXkzykYQ if you are 

Well done to the organisers! Organising an event like this is not easy—I 
hope lots of others can learn from your experience and follow your 
example elsewhere in Africa.

All eyes now on PyZim in Harare!

- Iwan


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