Python mailing lists are moving!

Barry A. Warsaw (Barry A. Warsaw)
Wed, 21 Apr 1999 14:58:36 -0400 (EDT)

This message is for folks who are currently receiving the the Python
list traffic via or, or 
would like to receive comp.lang.python or comp.lang.python.announce
via email instead of Usenet.

We are finally moving the mailing lists from to
The lists at will be managed by Mailman and will still be
gatewayed to the Usenet newsgroups.  We are not going to move people's
subscriptions enmasse (yet).  For the time being if you want to switch 
your subscription you should:

    1) send an unsubscribe request to

    2) Visit
       and fill out a subscription request

(same goes for python-announce-list, just substitute
`python-announce-list' for `python-list' above).

At some point when the majority of people have moved over, and we've
had the opportunity to stress the system with real traffic, we will
move the remaining subscribers over to, but we'll announce
that before we do it.

One advantage of moving to is that you can set
your Mailman subscription to deliver the messages in digests (MIME or
`plain').  This is a nice middle ground between receiving the messages
immediately as they are posted, and reading them via Usenet.

Feel free to begin sending messages to the list via will become an alias for
this new address.