python: New JPython domain and website

by way of jpb (JPython Maintainers)
Thu, 29 Apr 1999 18:46:57 -0400 (EDT)

JPython users,

I'm please to announce the new Web site for JPython, the 100% Pure
Java implementation of Python.  Please come visit

and update your links.  The old site <>
still exists but it will not be updated and will eventually go away.
My thanks to Cathy Rey of CNRI for her help in getting the new site
looking so good.

A few other notables:

- I'm starting a new bugs database using Jitterbug.  The old bug
  reports won't (yet?) be converted but you should use the new system
  to report any future bugs.  The URL for this is

- The next release of JPython will be covered by a new license, which
  I believe is more "open".  All existing releases of JPython are
  still covered under the old license, but there will be a new release
  soon.  For more information, please see

  We also have updated permission forms for contributions (which we're
  encouraging!).  See

  for more information.

- I'd like to collect a list of JPython users, similar to the one
  maintained for Python itself.  If you're interested in being listed,
  please see

Enjoy, and stay tuned for announcements of the next release.