PyBrenda 0.4.0 alpha: C-Linda-like system for parallel processing
Mon, 02 Aug 99 02:05:12 GMT

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This is an alpha release.

+ What is PyBrenda?

PyBrenda is a system for easily doing parallel computation using the
Python programming language.  It is somewhat similar to the C-Linda
language; it uses the notion of "tuple space" to simplify the
interactions among processes.

PyBrenda coordinates requests for more processors to be involved in
computations and facilitates data sharing among those processors.

+ What do I need to use PyBrenda?

PyBrenda only runs on UNIX systems.

At minimum, you will need Python 1.5.  For parallel computing, you
will require at least two computers networked together.  Ideally these
computers (and you) would have access to a network drive (e.g., via
NFS).  There must be identical paths to that drive on all machines
(i.e., identically-named mount points).  The rsh client and service
are also required for parallel computing.

Milton L. Hankins  ><>

<P><A HREF="">PyBrenda 0.4.0 alpha</A> -
a system for easily doing parallel/distributed computation using the Python
programming language; somewhat similar to C-Linda.  (31-Jul-99)

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