Interscript 1.0a9 released

John MaxSkaller
Mon, 02 Aug 99 02:08:12 GMT

ANN: MAXTAL INTERSCRIPT version 1.0a9 RELEASED 1 August 1999

Maxtal Interscript is an advanced literate programming system, 
designed to support integrated development of code and documentation. 
It requires Python 1.5.2 [C version]  [] to operate, 
[Note 1.5.1 will not do!]

It benefits from availability of some Posix features and common tools.
[For NT, Cygnus' gnu tools packages is recommended]

This is an ALPHA version, and is provided for experiment
and evaulation.

Version 1.0a9 has some major new features:

   *  generates navigation tags and other fixed information
      in any language. (Some data for French, German and
      Spanish are provided, but the data tables are not complete)

  * select sections by language -- allows writing books and documentation
     in multiple languages, and generating documents for any subset
    simultaneously (for multiple weavers!)

  * full support for reading ISO-10646 encoded as UTF-8,
      UTF-16, UCS-2 (Unicode), UCS-2le,UCS4, UCS-4le, 
      ISO8599-x encodings for European languages, 
      ShiftJis (Japanese), Big5 (Chinese), GB (Chinese),
      Wansung (Korean), Johab (Korean), and a large set of
      Microsoft/IBM code pages (DOS, Windows and Mac versions).
   * Interscript always generates UTF-8 (Standard for the Internet,
     and Linux, compatible with ASCII)


  * errors in client script are now reported in exquisite detail
    with nice formatting

  * completely revamped trace control: 'verbosity' is gone,
    there are now switches for tracing particular event classes


   * interscript now does some dependency checking
     and skips included files which haven't changed
    --- this only works for tangling at present ---


  * several nasty bugs have been fixed, including incorrect
    scope control for client functions


    * better support for formatting data in table cells
    * cursory support for software metrics
    * cursory support for attributions, licences, copyright
      information, etc
    * more coherent policy on caching FTP'd files
    * more systematic treatment of weavers and tanglers
      as 'plug in' components
    * generate HTML subdocument groups by name


   Note interscript now _requires_ a new command line
switch to generate documents: --language=xx,
where xx is the ISO code for the country of the language.
Web document files are prefixed by the language code.
Also, verbosity is gone, replaced by --tracing=event-class.


mailing list for developers and serious users.


You will find the complete HTML documentation for 
Interscript version 1.0a9 at


You can download Maxtal Interscript using anonymous FTP.
is the complete Maxtal Interscript package WITHOUT DOCUMENTATION
as a gzipped, tarred, archive.

The tarball is 1 Meg, and includes ready to run Python script, 
the full interscript sources.

The full package including documentation can be got from

As this include the full Unicode character tables, as well as tables
for all the other encodings, in HTML form, the documentation
is quite large [2.9Meg]. Note this is the SPANISH version. The browser
navigation buttons are in Spanish, and the introductory
paragraphs are also in Spanish [but the rest is in English]

You can also get the tarballs by http:


to contact the author, John Skaller. Interscript is easy to install,
but somewhat trickier to generate.

OSS Licence

Software on the FTP site is available free for any use, 
except where components are, or are derived from, third party components,
in which case the licence for those components applies. 

Commercial Support

I will consider any requests for commercial support.
Please feel free to contact me if you're considering a serious
investment in literate programming. Interscript is free,
but paid support is recommended for institutions and
companies intending serious use: please contact
me early with your requirements.


John Max Skaller                ph:61-2-96600850            10/1 Toxteth Rd  Glebe 2037 NSW AUSTRALIA

John Max Skaller                ph:61-2-96600850            10/1 Toxteth Rd  Glebe 2037 NSW AUSTRALIA

<P><A HREF="">Maxtal
Interscript 1.0a9</A> - advanced literate programming system, designed
to support integrated development of code and documentation.  (01-Aug-99)

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