Deeply Embedded Python 0.1

Ivan Porres Paltor
Mon, 02 Aug 99 18:08:25 GMT

Deeply Embedded Python is a minimal version of the Python virtual
machine. It is targeted to small embedded systems where it is
necessary a trade-off between language features and memory footprint
of the interpreter. With this patch, it is possible to build a python
interpreter WITHOUT support for float, complex and long numbers, file 
objects, parser, compiler and depedencies with any operating system.

Deeply Embedded Python is distributed as a patch file for the Python
1.5.1 source tree. You can download the patch and its documentation

The patch can be distributed freely.



<P><A HREF="">Deeply Embedded Python
0.1</A> - A minimal version of the Python virtual machine for small
embedded systems.  (02-Aug-99)

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