CVS snapshots of Python, Zope, etc.

David Ascher
Wed, 04 Aug 99 21:15:03 GMT

So that those behind firewalls and otherwise without CVS access can access
the latest and buggiest (uh, I mean greatest) versions of Python projects,
I've setup a nightly job to make snaphots of CVS trees.

So far, I have nightly snapshots for:


(the Zope snapshot is a little out of date because of unrelated network
routing issues).

I'm willing to add new projects to this list, within reasonable disk space
limits.  If you're interested in adding a project, email me at with the relevant CVS information.

--david ascher

<P><B>CVS Snapshots</B> -
daily snapshots of <A HREF="">Python</A>,
<A HREF="">Zope</A> and
<A HREF="">PyOpenGL</A>
CVS development versions.  (04-Aug-99)

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