MkWrap - another MetaKit database extension

Jean-Claude Wippler
Mon, 09 Aug 99 21:43:15 GMT

MetaKit is an embedded database engine, which can be used from Python
(sort of), Tcl (solid), and C++ (the native interface: rock solid).

MkWrap is a new "thin" interface from Python, which stays closer to the
core MetaKit API than the previous "Mk4py" interface.  It exposes far
more of the core funtionality, including selection, sorting, projection,
join, groupby, set operations, fast sequential searching, and regexp-
based matching on any string field.

As with the first Mk4py release, this is a proof-of-concept release,
intended to explore the effectiveness of such an interface in Python.

Caveat:  MetaKit doesn't support SQL, nor is it compliant with Python's
DBI - it lives in the twilight zone between flat files, OO databases,
relational systems, and tree-structured storage.

Keywords which *do* apply to MetaKit are: portable, high-performance,
low footprint, embeddable, transaction-based, dynamic schemas, multi-
language, load-on-demand, unconventional.

For details on this first alpha release of MkWrap, see:
It contains pre-built extensions for Windows and Linux, a small sample,
rudimentary documentation, and the C++ sources of the Python interface.

MkWrap was initially created by Gordon McMillan - I merely sprinkled 
a few extra ideas and bugs onto it to make life more interesting :)

The MetaKit home page is here:

The Mk4py version of the Python interface is unaltered:

Some background info on MetaKit can be found on my personal pages:

Comments, suggestions, problem reports always welcome (but see below).

-- Jean-Claude

P.S. This is a "deadline-crush" announcement - I'll be back August 18.

<P><A HREF="">MkWrap</A> - 
Python interface to the MetaKit (commercial) embedded
database.  (08-Aug-99)

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