8th International Python Conference (Revised Dates)

David Beazley beazley@cs.uchicago.edu
Mon, 09 Aug 99 21:48:27 GMT


                Eighth International Python Conference
                   January 2000 - Washington, D.C.
                         (Dates are tentative)

The 8th International Python Conference is a forum for Python users,
software developers, and researchers to present current work, discuss
future plans for the language, and to learn about interesting uses of
Python.  The conference includes a day of tutorials, two days of
papers, a work in progress session, demonstrations, a poster session,
and a Developers' Day.   

The conference is tentatively scheduled for Late January, but the
dates have not yet been confirmed.  Please check www.python.org for
conference updates.

Important Dates

   Sep. 30 : Deadline for papers and tutorials.
   Oct. 22 : Notification of acceptance for papers
   Nov. 19 : Deadline for final versions of full papers


We invite authors to submit papers describing new and useful
applications and tools that utilize Python.  We have a special
interest in papers that address practical programming problems as well
as experience papers that provide lessons for Python programmers.  In
constrast to last year's conference, we are trying to focus the
conference more on applications and less on Python internals.  Thus,
we particularly encourage the submission of papers that describe the
use of Python in large, mission critical, or unusual applications.

Specific paper topics include, but are not limited to:

    - Large applications and systems written in Python or which
      use Python as a glue language.

    - Internet applications, including Web content and administration,
      network programming, distributed objects, and Zope-related

    - Scientific, engineering, and numeric applications.

    - Integration with other languages and systems, including Java, 
      CORBA, COM, embedded systems, etc.

    - Python on Windows, including Active Scripting, NT system

    - Extension modules and new developments for the core language.

    - Programming patterns and OO design strategies.

    - Practical programming advice and tools to aid in program
      construction and debugging.

    - GUI programming.

    - Database and ODBC applications.

    - Use of Python in education.

Papers that describe applications should balance the need to appeal to
Python programmers at-large against the need for application-specific
details.  Authors should focus on presenting issues and techniques
that have wider relevance to the audience, but should also provide
enough explanatory material to make application-specific issues
understandable to a wider audience.

Papers will be judged on the quality and quantity of technical
content, the presentation and writing, and their relevance to the
Python community.

What to Submit and How to Submit It
Paper submissions should be approximately 6 to 12 single-space,
8.5"x11" pages (about 3000-6000 words) including an abstract.  Papers
must be original works not previously published or submitted for
publication elsewhere.  The conference proceedings will be made
available online and in printed form.  Authors will need to provide
Postscript and HTML versions of their final papers.

Submissions can be made in any of the following formats: HTML (single
page with no external links), Postscript, or PDF.  Regardless of
format, be sure that it can be viewed and printed on a wide variety of
systems (avoid unusual fonts and browser-specific tags).

Specific submission instructions will be made available on

Conference Organizers
General chair:  Guido van Rossum, CNRI

Program committee:

David Arnold, University of Queensland
David Ascher, Smith-Kettlewell Eye Research Institute
David Beazley, University of Chicago, Program Chair 
Paul Dubois, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Jim Fulton, Digital Creations
Mark Hammond, Consultant
Konrad Hinsen, Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique
Jeremy Hylton, CNRI
Martin von Loewis, Humboldt University of Berlin
Fredrik Lundh, Pythonware
Mark Lutz, Consultant
Tim Peters, Dragon Systems
Greg Stein, Independent Developer
Greg Ward, CNRI
Aaron Watters, Consultant
Jody Winston, Columbia University

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