Wash. D.C. Area: DCPIGgies (REPOST)

Barry A. Warsaw bwarsaw@cnri.reston.va.us (Barry A. Warsaw)
Mon, 09 Aug 99 22:04:16 GMT

Notice to all Washington DC area Python users:

We are pleased to be resurrecting the DC area Python interest group
meetings, now called DCPIGgies.  We will be having our first meeting
at CNRI in Reston, Virginia on Tuesday August 31, 1999 from 7:30pm to
9:30pm.  The aim is to keep this meeting pretty technical.

To that goal, we're going to have two exciting presentations.  For the
first hour, the Digital Creations guys will be giving a talk on Zope
2.0's unique object model (acquisition, run-time classes,
transactional objects, etc.) including how Python programmers might
use this in their own non-Zope projects.

In the second hour, Andrew Kuchling will be talking about something
XML-ish, probably processing the Open Directory Project's
(www.dmoz.org) RDF dumps.

There will be question and answer periods after each talk, and we may
have an "open phones" going later than 9:30 if there's interest and if
Guido or I am still awake. :)

Pizza, salad, and soda will be provided.  We are asking for a
voluntary $5 donation at the door to cover the costs of food.  Please
RSVP by email to bwarsaw@cnri.reston.va.us.  Let me know how many plan 
to attend and whether you will be eating pizza.

Directions to CNRI can be found on the Web:


See you then!

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